MUTUO is an integration platform, a space where architecture becomes an opportunity to get involved. To re-connect. In contexts where the demand for orchitecture is urgent and latent within the less favored sectors, and access to it has remained reserved for a minority, we believe it is important as a space of commitment 9nd participation, in a more social architecture, more inclusive and more democratic. A platfonn where proposals that help change the world and make them visible in contexts that we often refuse to see converge.

We propose to rediscover the power of architecture to influence the progress of our societies. MUTUO is an intermediary, a network builder for the generation of ideas and projects that impact on people’s lives and build prosperity

There is a nationwide de-Ac it of 7,860,962 houses. Surprisingly, only 20.9% of this deficit is of QUANTITATIVE nature, meaning that only a 20% belongs to houses not yet built. The remaining 80% represents housing that already exists, but don’t reach the necessary quality standards to be considered as such.

MUTUO’s competitions platform supports an advisory, development and accompaniment program in the design and construction of self-constructed housing whose mission is to promote access to the design and construction of decent, liveable and saft” adequate housing. We seek to create a virtuous circle of action among the unattended civilian community, the professionals of Architecture, the State housing programs and the private sector.

MUTUO is a social enterprise that focuses on the potential of each stakeholder as an fundamental part of an impact network. We want to bring our professionals the possibility of taking action in the development of our cities and, as well. expose the voices of millions of citizens who through self-construction become protagonists of their progress.

Architects and architecture students will have the opportunity to participate with the development of projects thoughtfully and coherently based on the requirernents, expectations and possibilities of the participating families of the progran1 and the place where they reside. The participants will not only have the opportunity to aspire to an economic prize, but also to the satisfaction of having collaborated in the development of vulnerable famil.ies and communities and, in addition, to see their projects built eventually.

With the contests completed and the selection of winners, the awarded projects will be derived from the MUTUO development platform, where a group of professionals will become the team in charge of taking the proposals to the necessary detail so that they can be financed and built.

With the project completed, families will have a complete file to access the financing options given by the Government. Thus, with the construction, the accornpaniment cycle will be completed, which will culminate with the periodic supervision of the work by members of the MUTUO development team.

We have as an action path Goal N° 11 of the list of “The Global Goals for Sustainable Development” issued by the United Nations. The Goal is to have an impact on the issues of security, social inclusion, sustainability and participatory management in the sectors of cities and communities that are affected by the lack of planning and indiscriminate urban growth.